Spirit Of Christmas

Dear Festive Friends,

Due to Father Christmas taking on so many extra Elves this Christmas. He has personally requested the help of our Spirit of Christmas this year. As the toy factory in Lapland runs all through the day and night. Father Christmas was worried that the Elves would not get enough sleep.

He had heard how wonderful our Spirit is, and how magical she is at story telling. So he requested her help. We are very proud to tell you all that our Spirit of Christmas is now the official story teller to Father Christmas's Elves. We are sure they will all sleep soundly after she reads to them as she tucks them into bed.

We hope very much to have her back by our fire, telling her stories next Christmas. Have fun Spirit.

Team Thrift Wood

Back by popular demand - The Spirit Of Christmas

Come along with your children to buy your Christmas tree and meet The Spirit of Christmas and let her read your children a beautiful story all about the magic in our wood.

"Once upon a time in the heart of Buckinghamshire, a very magical place existed called Thrift Wood.

The onset of winter had left a thick carpet of leaves on the forest floor.

Squirrels darted in and out of the branches, searching for acorns, a feast for them on a cold winters evening."

............ to be continued by the Spirit of Christmas